Prophetic Word For Wilkesboro's County [Wilkes County]
Received this day August 22, 2005 12: 28 AM

This land has been claimed as holy ground to which the feet of the Lord's children shall dwell in peace. There will be an outpouring of grace and mercy to the ones that have stood in faith to see the transformations of the earthly domain. Through trials and tribulations the people of the Almighty God have stood in reverence and faith to see all that has been spoken over this place to manifest from the heavenly realm.

God has stationed mighty angels to stand watch over this place and by the power of his word ALL will come to be as spoken from the prophets he has sent to speak of his glory and honor. A stirring is occurring and it is with great faith that each must stand to believe that all will be done in accordance to his word. Look not to your own understanding my brethren but to the ones that are spoken from the holy lips of the Father.

With honor and reverence to the Lord all shall be full filled and the hearts of each one will be filled with the grace and glory of God to stand in the times that lie ahead. There has been great devastation to the lands and many have suffered unmerciful times of heart ache and stricken poverty. But the Lord says, This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad.

To which your mind can not fathom, the Lord is all knowing, and through his word he shall set his people free, and free indeed you all shall be.

Set your eyes to the heavens and praise the Lord with honor and reverence. The Lord has heard your cries, Rejoice in his goodness and all the rest shall come to be.

This is the word of the Lord.
Sherri Kohler

View of Pores Nob Mountain from Apple Hill